Product Range    
Steering Knuckles
  HFL has a full capability & infrastructure to develop steering knuckles on 4000 ton and 8000 ton mechanical forging press lines. Currently HFL is manufacturing steering knuckles in forged conditions upto 50kgs single piece.
  Happy Forgings Limited has a full capability to forge crank-shafts upto 8 cylinders for all kinds of applications.
We manufacture Crank shafts ranging from 10 to 100kgs.
Transmission Components
  HFL manufactures transmission parts like Bevel gears, Counter Shafts, input shafts etc in forged & machined conditions for O.E.Ms.
Currently HFL is manufacturing transmission parts in the weight range of 1 to 100kgs single piece.
Front Axle Beam
  HFL has full capability to develop Front Axle Beams for Indian HCV' s ranging upto 120 kgs.

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