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  In house dimensional measuring facilites for CNC turned components as well as for Dies:  

Mitutoyo – Japan make Profile projector model 3105

Mitutoyo – Japan make surface roughness tester model SJ400  
Mitutoyo – Japan make Contour measurement Contracer model CV-3100H  
Mitutoyo make Co-ordinate Measuring Machine model Beyond Crysta C7106 with PH-10m motorized head.  
  Material testing facilities  
24 Channel Optical Emission Spectrometer Magellan (Quantron GmbH – German make alongwith 2 special channel for Nitrozen & Oxygen)  
Mobile Spectrometer.
(Spectro Analytical Instruments – German make)
Image analyzer software and microscope
MPI equipment 3 phase DC current as per ASTM E1444 to check surface & sub-surface cracks upto 1.1cm with dry power only. Combo modes (auto combination shot is available in the equipment to check both types of cracks longitudinal & transverse in single shot)  
Tensile testing and Impact Testing facilities.  
Ultrasonic Metascope.  
Rockwell & Brinell hardness testing machines.  

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